Rogue Squadron

Pilots Unite!

Wedge Antilles and Rogue Squadron

The proud history of Rogue Squadron dates back to the beginning of the Alliance's rebellion against the Galactic Empire. My relationship with them started in the early 1980's.

Battle of Yavin

The destruction of the first Death Star was brought about by the noble sacrifices of a great many individuals, not least of whom were members of a group then known as Red Squadron. Jek Porkins, Biggs Darklighter, Garvin Dries, and others gave their lives so that others in the galaxy could be free citizens. Only three members of the squadron survived the battle: Luke Skywalker, Kayan Farlander, and Wedge Antilles.

To a young boy in rural Washington State, the skill and daring shown by the Rebel pilots was beyond awe inspiring. A desire to have my own X-Wing was born.

The Liberation of Coruscant

It was a dark time for fans of Star Wars and Rogue Squadron. It had been almost 10 years since any new tales about Luke, Han, Leia, and the Rebel Alliance had been shared. What were they up to now? Did the destruction of the second Death Star really free the galaxy from the yoke of the Empire? We didn't know.

Then, in 1992, Timothy Zahn brought us back to that galaxy far, far away with Heir to the Empire. While this new trilogy of stories mostly dealt with Luke and Leia's attempts to form a new government while dealing with a sinister new threat, we did get a tiny peek at what Wedge and the Rogues were up to.

Blasting its way through the bestsellers lists, Heir opened the doors for building a whole new, expanded universe. Soon after, Michael Stackpole released X-Wing: Rogue Squadron, and my piloting fantasies were once again brought to the forefront. The exploits of a whole new group of pilots, as widely diverse as you could hope for, was an inspiration for many. Teamwork, loyalty, a sense of justice, and truly caring about the members of your squadron; these qualities were on display time after time as the Rogues paved the way for the Alliance to oust the Empire from Coruscant and become a legitimate governing body.

What makes the squadron stand out is they are, with the exception of two, ordinary citizens. No special powers, no draftees, just regular beings who stepped forward to defend those who couldn't defend themselves. I think it is this, more than anything, that connects me to Rogue Squadron. I have a strong desire to help others and to use my skills to make things better for those around me. I'm not a real pilot, nor have I helped save millions of lives. I just do what I can. And that, I believe, is what is at the heart of every Rogue.